Are you investing resources in running Webinars to nurture prospects and close new business? Congratulations, you’re on the right track! It’s critical that B2B businesses balances the effectiveness of both new and existing marketing channels — and experiment with where it’s best to deliver content during their customer engagement journey. We at IceBreakurz have pioneered this balance and recognize the importance of having webinars as a marketing channel. Webinars have been a method of B2B online communication, literally, since the beginning of the web. From a marketing and sales perspective, they have long been one of the more popular ways to deliver mid-funnel focused content to prospective buyers.

Traditionally, they’ve been used to present sales/product demonstrations, training, and online education illustrating thought leadership around particular topics. And, from a content marketing perspective, webinars have always been a fairly popular tactic, as well

Are you seeing a gap between usage and effectiveness? Is webinar part of your content marketing strategy? Are webinars producing a good return on investment? To what degree are marketers experimenting with broader uses for webinars (e.g., to create engagement and brand awareness), and are those approaches effective?

Our Webinar package offers the following 10 point program –

  1. Outcome based models
  2. Creating you webinar strategy and schedule
  3. Create messaging for each webinars
  4. Create and send out mailers
  5. Follow up and ensure attendance
  6. Bulk email compliance
  7. Host the webinar
  8. Follow up on with leads generated
  9. Create the content
  10. You do what you do best – Just present the webinar!

Many organizations recognize the importance of having Webinar as a strategy but don’t have bandwidth or experience to run successful webinars – this is exactly what you can use IceBreakurz services to make Webinars as part of your overall marketing strategy.