It’s one thing to have an amazing product or service, but the bigger challenge is gathering and engaging with prospects who need it. The B2B buying decision is different and the B2B sales funnel is complicated. The buying process is long, and you’ve got competitors. Credibility, trust and relationships are critical to make sales – a simple website or AdWords campaign won’t sell your services.
You’ve got to Gather, Engage and then Sell.
So we’ve designed a marketing funnel with these challenges in mind. The end result is a funnel that brings together and engages the right prospects for you so selling is easier. We Gather your Prospects together and Engage them continuously, so then you can Sell.
Businesses identified the following three biggest challenges companies face in getting new clients. These are:

1.Gaining their attention
2.Demonstrating value
3.Staying in touch and starting the relationship

Here’s how we do it.  Our team uses a custom approach to workshop messaging that promotes a positive response, raises awareness of the main issue that your business resolves and creates prospects.

Following are their top seven activities that we do as part of lead generation activities to help find new customers for our clients –

1. SEO, SMO and PPC
2. Providing relevant content
3. Speaking at trade shows
4. Participating in right conferences
5. Regular webinars for your offerings to your prospects
6. Linked in, Twitter and Live Chat
7. Google and FB marketing