B2B Appointment Setting has been the key of generating new business opportunities since a long time. Many businesses invest most of their marketing budget in appointment setting. The only reason for this is the fact that they want to Grow
Appointment setting has been the keystone of generating new business avenues and continues to be one of the significant aspects of all new businesses. Setting up new appointment with decision makers that you don’t currently work with is the main concern for all sales people.

We all know that Sales people can schedule their own appointments – Yes, they can, but is that the best use of their time? Sales people should focus on closing deals, not finding leads – that is marketing’s job. Time spent looking for leads means hours lost working on qualified opportunities. Also, appointment setting easily takes a back seat if your sales manager becomes busy with hot pursuits for a few months and then suddenly there is no new pipeline to go after as no one has called the prospects for months. Even worse is that your competition is calling on the same decision makers every single hour of the day!

Building an effective inside sales team is equally difficult – it requires time to plan, hire, train, re-train, and manage. It’s tremendously expensive and time-intensive. And if you decide you need an inside sales team, do you want them to spend their time scheduling appointments based on a cold-calling strategy (which is what IceBreakurzappointment setting services do), or warming up leads that come from marketing campaigns, or managing and closing low-end deals?

Scheduling a qualified sales appointment is not at all an easy task. It typically takes multiple phone conversations and/or an exchange of multiple emails by a professional who is specially trained to make cold calls and can handle multiple rejections before getting an appointment with a decision maker. Most organizations don’t have the expertise or the talent that can keep taking their message to the prospects every single day with hundreds and thousands of calls every day – this is where IceBreakurz comes in.

With our B2B Telemarketing Appointment Setting, we make sure that your sales team is meeting up, only with the highly qualified and potential prospect customers. Our appointment setting strategy, will allow your sales team to spend more time, in personally meeting your potential customers and closing sales deals, rather than wasting their time in making cold calls, to the customers

These qualified appointments, in turn, assist you in acquiring new clients. We specialize in producing results for appointment setting campaigns, as well as B2B lead generation programs. We work with you to create a quality, custom-designed campaign that produces results at affordable prices. Turning results into revenue.